Please remember the following for your appointment:

Individual Tax Appointment

· Last two years tax returns (if a new client)
· Estimated payments - date of payment and amount
· IRA contributions
· Moving expenses (if you moved over 50 miles closer to your employer)
· W-2 Wage Statements
· 1099's Interest, dividends, from banks and financial institutions
· Refunds from state departments (e.g. Arizona state refund)
· Pension distributions, including Social Security
· Unemployment compensation
· Information on any sale (stocks, mutual funds, personal property,
  investment properties)
· Medical expenses (including medical mileage)
· Real Estate taxes
· Personal property taxes (cars, boats, motorhomes, airplanes, etc.)
· Home mortgage interest (include intererst on Home Equity Lines of Credit)
· Charitable gifts, both cash and non-cash
· Unreimbursed employee expenses
· Escrow papers (if you refinanced, sold or bought a home during the year)
· If you have your own business, all business income and expenses
· Rental expenses from home or other property that you rent to someone else

If there are additional items, we will advise you during the tax interview.

Business Tax Appointment

· Reconcile all your bank and savings accounts before send us your Quickbooks
· Reconcile all your credit cards before you send us your QuickBooks file.
· If you have a business car that has any personal use - we need both total
  business miles and total personal miles
· All credit card statements
· All bank statements
· All line of credit statements
· Any loan statement
· All new lease agreements that you entered into
· Copy of your corporation's annual minutes
· Payroll reports (all quarters), if we didn't do the returns
· Sales tax report
· Your Quickbooks back up file. (.qbb file) Please do not send an accountant's
· Last two years tax returns if we did not prepare
· Articales of Incorporation or Organization
· If a LLC or Partnership - operating agreement


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